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Transforming any place in movie theater.

pezenas City halls, associations, communities, schools, cultural centers, councils, private .....

Indoors or outdoors, Theres' s Many  opportunities to use the magical of projection of movies :

Inaugurations, festivals, celebrations, Christmas tree, various events ....

From the small square of school to the public place , The congress palace to the football stadium, any public space or private space, indoor or outdoor, can be transformed in a Movie theater.

A technical visit, of the place, agood weather outdoors and a good acoustics are crucial elements for a good broadcast . Our teams and our hardware will adapt to

                                                       the technics conditions as much as your budget! 

                                                                        These variables will never change.. The respect of public as  of a cinematographic work.

                                                                                                                                                                       Read More!